About Us

Zentegra Inc. is a Canadian company located in Toronto. Our company specializes in the integration of business information systems. We help clients take advantage of business opportunities presented by new technologies, such as mobile and cloud computing, while preserving the accumulated investment, knowledge and experience in their existing infrastructure and applications.

Our Values

We aspire to bring clarity, simplicity, serenity and agility to our projects and to the complex, evolving world of information technology.

Our Name

The name “Zentegra” comes from the integration of the word “Zen” which symbolizes clarity, simplicity, serenity and agility – our values – and the word “integra” which refers to application integration – our core competency.

Our Professional Services

We offer four interrelated professional services:

Each of our services correspond to one of our values as illustrated below:


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Leadership Team

andrasAndras Karacsony

Founder and President

Andras has over 25 years of development experience with mainframe, Unix, web, and mobile software and middle-ware. He is the visionary behind Zentegra’s technologies and services.

Prior to founding Zentegra, Andras worked as an independent consultant helping financial companies with application integration and testing automation challenges.

From 1994 to 2006, Andras served as the CTO of Information Balance where he designed and managed the company’s flagship “application relationship mapping” (ARM) service. Before that, he was the chief technology architect of the company’s Y2K independent verification and validation (IV&V) service. Under his technical leadership, the company analyzed 200 million lines of source code written in 44 different languages.

Andras has written several publications and authored over 50 training courses.

Andras holds a Bachelor of Applied Sciences (BASc) degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto.


virginieVirginie Roussin

Director of Customer Services

Virginie brings 15 years of experience in marketing and sales.

Before joining Zentegra, Virginie served for 10 years as the head of business development an interior design and architecture firm. She worked with multi-national clients such as Pfizer, Microsoft, Thomson, Siemens and Eli Lilly to develop custom trade show displays.