Integration Architecture Visualization

Visualize the Current State

Zentegra’s Integration Architecture Visualization service provides you with the ability to explore, understand and communicate the essential components, relationships and properties of your application ecosystem.



Cut Through Complexity

The integration architecture is presented using hierarchical sets of graphics and tables that capture the fundamental structures, behaviours and (inter)dependencies of your applications within and across different platforms. Some of the components and relationship exposed by our tools are: functions, methods, classes, packages, modules, data structures, events, services, mappings, messages, files, transformations, schedules, notifications, error codes.
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Always Up-to-Date

The architectural models and views are created by a repeatable process that reanalyzes and remaps your source code, configuration data and design artefacts whenever your software or middleware changes.
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Multi-platform, Multi-language Support

We support most established platforms, frameworks and languages and we build custom analyzers for your unique, domain specific languages and frameworks.
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Gain Context, Clarity and Insight

Intuitive, zoomable, HTML/JavaScript/CSS based visual displays give all stakeholders the context, clarity and insight needed to do their job effectively on any device, from smart phone to boardroom screen.
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