Visualization Gallery


Integration Overview

High level architectural overview of a system, showing the most important components and their relationships. User can zoom-in on any of the boxes and connecting arrows to see further details.

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Dependency List

List of all related components of a selected item. The related components are grouped by relationship type and sorted by the rank of the relationship.


Dependency Graph

Graphical representation of all directly and indirectly related components of a certain type.


Treemap View

Visual representation of relative complexity and volume metrics of nested components using area and colour.


Composite Graph

Graph showing multiple kinds of relationships across different types of components. This is a job schedule showing the dependencies between the jobs and various resources needed by the jobs.


Structured Code View

Display of business rules or source code using nested structures.


Radial Layout Graph

Display of component tree structure that expands outwards, radially.


Dashboard View

Software metrics using HTML5/JavaScript based data visualization techniques.


Business Process Diagram

Generated or hand drawn diagram aimed at business audience.


UML Diagram

Generated or hand drawn UML diagrams aimed at technical audience.


Custom Views

Example shows the list of datasets and their properties accessed by a JCL job. Data can be exported as CSV/Excel, XML or JSON.


Custom Graphs

Example shows the paragraph flow within a COBOL program. Graph can be exported as JPEG, PDF, SVG,  DOT, XML or JSON.